Hustling for Peace TV



TV Chiasso in collaboration with the Writers for Peace Committee of PEN International, presents a series of televised interviews directed by the journalist and writer Sergio Roic.

During the interviews, he spoke to the writers from different coutries about the freedom of expression, the new frontiers of peace and the ever changing socio-cultural panorama.


The following interviews are available at the moment:

  1. Interview about the current situation in Ukraine with Andrei Kurkov, President of PEN Ukraine. More on this link.
  2. Interview about conservation, value, importance and destruction of cultural heritage with Emmanuel Pierrat, past Chair of the Peace Committee, vice president of PEN Mónaco and member of PEN Suiss Romand. The interview is in French. More on this link.
  3. Interview about freedom of expression and democracy in the Balkans with Tanja Tuma, president of PEN Slovenia. More on link.
  4. Interview about the difficult situation of the language of Macedonia and Bulgaria, as well as the conflict in the Balkans with Edvard Kovač, past secretary of the Committee of Writers for Peace and member of PEN Slovenia. More on this link.
  5. Interview about the sovereignty and the dangers of autocracy with Simon Mundy, past vice-chair of the Peace Committee, and member of PEN Wales Cymru. More on this link.
  6. Interview about technologies and surveillance since the Covid pandemic with Tienchi Liao-Martin, past vice-chair of the Peace Committee and member of the Independent Chinese PEN. More on this link.

The full list of episodes can be found here.